Scriber Paranormal Research

Scriber Paranormal Research

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Paranormal Odities: The Things That Go Bump, And get Caught.

This is a reported Thunderbird, discovered, photographed, and mysteriously lost all in the early part of the Civil war. The thunderbird was believed to be the culprit in many deaths beginning in pre-medieval times.  


 A reported Chupicabra discovered, on a Texas ranch. The ranch owner shot this creature from a short distance. The creature was then stuffed and is now on display in the owner’s living room.  Many skeptics believe this to be nothing more than a simple coyote with mange. However, one main distinction allows for questions on this hypothesis. Its bright blue eyes.  A typical coyote will have grey/gold eyes that blend with its fur to help in a camouflage look. So cryptid or mange coyote you decide.  

Although not a real cryptid, this coconut crab sure would be a sight to see the next time you have to take the trash out!

“These photos arrived in an e-mail this week from Paul Bazzano, a Connecticut resident who has property on Densmore Road in Chelsea. They were taken on Nov. 1 by his brother Gary, during a weekend visit. ‘They were not sure what it was but they were extra careful not to wake him up!’ Paul Bazzano wrote.

Mystery Creature Found in Tree in Chelsea!


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