Scriber Paranormal Research

Scriber Paranormal Research

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Scriber Paranormal Research Ca. 2010

Scriber paranormal research. We are an eliete group of paranormal investigators, specializing in all things paranormal. Paranormal is defined as being "above the normal". Subsiquently, when we refer to "all things paranormal" we are refering to the fact we investigate and research everything from ghosts and goules to bigfoot and the moth man.

Some of the typical paranormal things we at S.P.R. investigate include but are not limited to :

  • Ghosts (poltergist, residual, inteligent
  • Elementals
  • Bigfoot (and all sub catagories)
  • Mellon heads

Now accepted to Check out the other paranormal groups, both national and international, to beter suit your haunting needs.




Monthly Funnies!

Although this grizly is a verry real bear, thereare reports of short faced bearsall around the North American continent.   


We are not licenced to provide exorcisems of any kind, nor do we condone, use or tolerate users of ouija bords! Nor to we tolerate Black Magic, and people who wish to play pranks on us. If you wish to comment or are seriously interested in our services please contact us via the button below. 

Poll of the Month:

Do you belive in space cryptozoological creatures? If so what ones, if not why?

Thank you for partisipating in our poll. Please check back next week for another poll question. Have a great day.
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